Statement naming Mr. Mumtaz Ali Bhutto as the Pakistan
People’s Party Leader in the Sind Assembly on May 1, 1972
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Pakistan has returned to constitutional rule. We have in operation today a parliamentary democracy after all the dark years of our people in the wilderness of authoritarianism.

Since Provincial Assemblies are soon to be summoned, the question of the appointment of parliamentary party leaders is to be finalized. During my meeting on April 28 with the MPAs-elect of the Pakistan People’s Party in the Sindh Assembly, I was by common agreement given the task of nominating a party leader. After extensive consultation with party leaders and after careful though, I have decided to nominate Mr. Mumtaz Ali Bhutto to this important office.

Although in normal times, as a matter of policy, members of the National Legislature should not be associated with provincial parliamentary arrangements, in view of the extraordinary circumstances prevailing today the departure we are making for the time being appears to be unavoidable.

In my opinion which is shared by party leaders and others whom I consulted, Mr. Mumtaz Ali Bhutto is eminently suited for this position of high responsibility. He has been Governor of Sindh since the transfer of power and during his months in office, months of turmoil and turbulence, of industrial and student unrest, months which marked the ushering in of revolutionary and fundamental reforms in all sectors, he acquitted himself with exceptional ability of his responsibilities. He brought to his difficult assignment a maturity of administrative and political judgment.

He acquired an intimate and first-hand understanding of problems that our common people face. He is fully alive to the hopes and aspirations of workers, students and peasants. I have no doubt that this appointment will have the full and unstinted support of all the parliamentary groups in the Assembly and, above all, of the people of Sindh.



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