Message to Secretary-General, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists on April 22, 1972.
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I have learnt with pleasure that the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist (PEUJ) is celebrating the 9th Anniversary of the founding of the Afro-Asian Journalists Association (AAJA) on April 24 this year, along with other AAJA members throughout Asia and Africa.

The founding of the AAJA in 1963 is a landmark in the history of the oppressed peoples of Asia and Africa and the rest of the world in their struggle against imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism, a struggle to achieve complete political and economic independence, to consolidate freedom if independence is achieved, to resist aggression and foreign interference and to preserve national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Raising the banner of the Banding spirit, the journalists of Asia-Africa have joined the ranks of freedom fighters and they, therefore, must use their pens to oppose imperialism and colonialism in all its forms and manifestations and support all just struggles of the oppressed people particularly the people of Indo-China, Kashmir, Palestine, Southern Rhodesia, and Mozambique.

On this occasion, I extend my greetings to the PFUJ and though in to all members of AAJA and in particular Mr. Djawoto, the AAJA Secretary General, and hope that Asian-African Journalists will continue to raise high the spirit of anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism and truthfully portray the just aspirations of the peoples of Asia, Africa and the rest of the world.



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