Eid-e-Miladun Nabi Message on April 22, 1972
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It is the birthday of the Holy Prophet today (Peace be upon him). Let us bow our heads in reverence and allow the clear light of his teachings to transform our lives. He was for all ages and all times and though 1400 years have passed since God chose to enlighten him, there is not a piece of earth today where homage is not being paid to him.

He emancipated man from the bondage of superstition and dogma. He brought a message of love, peace and compassion. He liberated the human mind and lit up with reason the dark recesses of ignorance in which mankind languished for centuries. He exemplified the perfect life through his conduct and taught men how to fulfil their temporal and divine obligations.

He crusaded against tyranny and injustice and preached tolerance and of noble descent himself, went forth and embraced as equals the lowly and the poor. He was the first true revolutionary. And on this happy day, I send forth my greetings to Muslims all over the world and pray that we can once again dedicate ourselves to the teachings of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) and rekindle in our souls the light that he first lit.



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