Address to villagers and farmers on November 9, 1972
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President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto exhorted the rural people to continue their untiring efforts for increasing agricultural output.

The President, who drove from Larkana to some nearby villages on unscheduled programme, was talking to large crowds of Haris and other rural people.

He assured them that his government was determined to better the lot of the poor and innocent villagers, who have suffered in the past and have remained a target if exploitation by the feudal lords and the bureaucracy.

The President said that his government has taken special care to see that the rural areas were properly and speedily developed and the basic facilities, which were denied to them so far, are made available to them at the earliest.

He said that the people’s government had taken revolutionary measures during past 10 months but it was not possible to do everything in such a short period of time. He asked the people to contribute their bit and allow the government some more time to produce results.

The President told the rural people that more than 30 villages in Larkana district alone were being electrified during this financial year. Similarly, not only the present roads were being re-conditioned but more miles of new roads were being built to facilitate communication.

He said that government had taken steps to meet the shortage of irrigation water and from the next year the agriculturists will have enough irrigation water. They will also be supplied fertilizers and agricultural implements to boost production.



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